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Call us on 01257 422899


Here at Standish Service Station Ltd we carry out all types of repairs to vehicles and light commercials and have updated our equipment and premises to suit all modern vehicles.

As well as routine servicing, we also carry out repairs or replacement to brakes and clutches using OE parts ensuring a nationwide warranty. We can replace your exhaust system with a new system or part system and all exhausts we fit carry a 2 year guarantee.

If your vehicle requires any welding or panel repairs, we have 4 technicians who can carry out these repairs using the latest Mig welder.

Air-conditioning is increasingly more popular as a standard fitment on new vehicles so why not let us service your system to make sure that you are kept cool in the summer time?

Anything that your vehicle needs or requires, then Standish Service Station can cater for it, so why not contact our team today?

Know Your Vehicle


Brakes are one of the most important parts of the vehicle (THEY STOP YOU!) But most people neglect their brakes because they cannot see them (out of site-Out of mind).

Standish Service Station Ltd only use OE (Original Equipment) spec parts to replace the worn items. This ensures that your vehicle brakes are put back to the same condition as when the vehicle was first manufactured.


The four main functions of an exhaust are: to control noise, to direct fumes away from passengers, to improve the performance of the engine and to improve fuel consumption.

An exhaust is made up of a series of pipes that links the engine to a silencer and a catalytic converter.

Standish Service Station Ltd only supply and fit quality exhausts.
Our exhausts are guaranteed for 2 years.


A clutch is the part that allows drive to be transmitted to your wheels which in turn determines how much power is given to them. If your clutch is worn, then the power to the wheels will decrease (clutch slip).

Clutches can wear out depending on how the vehicle is driven and under what conditions. The modern day clutch usually has an automated way of adjusting itself, but there are still 3 main parts to the clutch, and they are:

Clutch Plate (friction disc for grip)
Clutch Pressure Plate (to engage/disengage the clutch plate)
Thrust bearing (to operate the clutch pressure plate)

When replacing a worn part of the clutch, it is important to replace all three parts, as they all work together.

Standish Service Station Ltd can offer a life time warranty on all clutches fitted (ask at our service reception).

Air Conditioning

Air-Conditioning is becoming increasingly popular on vehicles and is now fitted on a high proportion of new vehicles as standard.

The air-conditioning system should be checked/serviced at least every 2 years as the gas inside the system does run out.

The most common fault on air-conditioning systems is lack of gas. This is usually caused by the system only being used in summertime when it is hot. The system needs to be used all year round periodically, this way it will not allow the seals to dry up and allow gas to escape.


The battery is a device that simply stores and supplies electrical energy for your vehicle.

There are 3 different components in a battery:

1. Positive and Negative Plates
2. Separators
3. Sulphuric acid (electrolyte)

Our batteries are 3 years with a choice of buying a life time battery.


Tracking is a small part of your vehicle - It basically keeps your wheels in-line and your steering straight.

If your tracking is out, you may experience some of the following:

1. Vehicle wanders to either the left or the right when the steering wheel is not held

2. Excessive tyre wear on the inner/outer edge of the tyre tread

3. Steering wheel may be out of alignment